Who is Jesus

I also wanted a long time nothing about him know to a person that I have greatly appreciated having said the following to me: "If you want to have a full life, you have to confront you with someone this person called Jesus Christ that time has given me.. I was not amused about, because life was supposed to be a celebration. Today, life is indeed a celebration, but only through him.


Whats the meaning of grace?

Grace means that we can enjoy as a people who are fundamentally flawed and imperfect, an undeserved favor with our loving Heavenly Father. That sounds initially mistaken, but in him we have exactly the abundance that we have always dreamed. Even if you currently do not understand that - he loves you -


Hic act

So that people can have a full life, he has done the act, which is partly entered into ignorance brutally underfoot. He sacrificed his son, so that we get access to it. Religiousness and legalism are never wanted by him. But never forget this  - he gave us free will, otherwise we would be puppets. This free will is often very cruel.