I wanted to enjoy life, because it was supposed to be finally a feast. Quality of life has always been very high up with me.

I was a real bully and bon man. Nothing was too stupid, everything had to be tried again, even though I have it so taken some damage from it. Bild008

But I did not care, because I lived by the motto: "No Risk No Fun", sometimes to the chagrin of my wife. I lived in my own strength, and thus harmed myself and my environment massively. I knew it no better.

I was active in the financial services industry and earned during the then sales activities good money.

Eventually my business fell but then due to improper financial speculation into trouble, and I got into a whirlpool that was unstoppable. Company at the bottom of Finance at the end, House Blessing askew - the full program.

During this time I met a business partner know who put me at a business meal following question: "Tell me, do you really believe in God?"

I almost fell off the food from the mouth, so I was surprised. I stammered something about - I think so because there is something between heaven and earth, which regulates the course of things, or something like that.

He then asked me if I would like to have a fulfilled life. Of course I said yes,- who would not have done in my situation.

He then told me that if I want to have a full life, I have to deal with a person. This person is called Jesus Christ.

I didn`t like this because I wasn`t  able to start with Jesus at all. Then he asked me another question that sat quite a thought process in motion:

zweifel If you stand in front of God today, and he would ask : Harry, why should I let you to me. What would you answer him?  Quite honestly, I couldn`t realized this at that moment.

What he effected by the questions was that I made ​​a few thoughts to me.

One question that I asked myself was: What is the meaning of my life and again: where I'll go when I die.

Can I really be sure that I have eternal life?

My business partner was very obstinately and he showed me in the bible that Jesus Christ had come to us to actually bring a fulfilled life. I could not believe it right this time.

If you want to know the reason for what prevents us from living a full life, then click "read more".


to a fullfilled live


Who is Jesus

I also wanted a long time nothing about him know to a person that I have greatly appreciated having said the following to me: "If you want to have a full life, you have to confront you with someone this person called Jesus Christ that time has given me.. I was not amused about, because life was supposed to be a celebration. Today, life is indeed a celebration, but only through him.


Whats the meaning of grace?

Grace means that we can enjoy as a people who are fundamentally flawed and imperfect, an undeserved favor with our loving Heavenly Father. That sounds initially mistaken, but in him we have exactly the abundance that we have always dreamed. Even if you currently do not understand that - he loves you -


Hic act

So that people can have a full life, he has done the act, which is partly entered into ignorance brutally underfoot. He sacrificed his son, so that we get access to it. Religiousness and legalism are never wanted by him. But never forget this  - he gave us free will, otherwise we would be puppets. This free will is often very cruel.